You Need to Know Something


I would just like people to know that I don’t have it all together.

Moving to California sounds pretty glamorous, but believe me when I say it’s really not at it’s cracked up to be.

Except the warm sunshine. That’s glamorous.

Oh and the mountains/hills during the sunrises and sunsets.

Oh and the beaches. The beaches are nice too.


But the sunshine really makes sweater weather impossible.

And the hills/mountains kill my gas mileage.

And the beaches aren’t really that easily accesible with such wonderful traffic here in So Cal.

I love California so much. I love my church family, I love the weather, I love how Jesus has so met me here.

But I still don’t have my life together.

My room is always a mess. Getting up to go to work is always harder than it should be. My new mattress hasn’t made sleeping through the night that much easier, and I have three more days to finish my halloween costume that is currently piled up on my futon.

I am still figuring out what the heck teaching even is. I am trying to read 5 books at one time because I can’t ever make decisions.

I have no idea where I want to be this time next year. Absolutely none.

Well, I know I don’t want to be in Illinois (sorry mom<3).

I have no idea what the heck I am doing. Seriously no idea.

But I love it here in my new home. So I am making roots. I getting planted in my church community, trying (and not always exceeding) to make new friends other than Allie’s one-year-old daughter, and buying overpriced magazines and goat cheese salads because community and relationships are what life is all about.

All to say- I don’t have my life figured out, and I still call my mom on a regular basis to make sure I am making decent life decisions.

Live your life guys. Cause you only have one. Make roots, love where you are and never look back.

Except when thinking of a good memory. Memories are good.

See you soon,

Stephanie Lynn


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