Little Big Steps

Today’s topic: Little.


I believe that little steps of faith are actually one humungous step toward figuring out who you are. 

I am super good at committing to 20,000 things, but never taking that first step to start it all.

Like today, I just wrote in my journal: pray for 3o minutes every day.

Oh so how badly I want to do that. How many times have I told myself to do this before? Oh, plenty of times x37. But tomorrow, Monday of all days, will be that first step (fingers-crossed).

And then there’s that ridiculous post I made yesterday where I told the whole universe I am going to write a book.

Really Steph?

Well I took my first step towards that today. My little leap of faith was finally buying a domain name for my blog:

And with that little step of faith, with that small investment, I’m crossing my fingers it can turn into me taking this blogging, writing a book, actually believing my story matters thing, into what I so hope it could be.


What little step can you take today towards your big, bad, scary, out of this world dream?

As my Nana says, “You only live once, so small M&M blizzard. YOLO.”

Wise words Nana. Wise words.

Oh, and if you’re a dreamer and never expect something to come out of it, be careful what you wish/pray for. God doesn’t joke around with making those dreams a reality.

And I don’t know if you know this, but He can’t tell time either.

See ya soon,

Stephanie Lynn

(or Gwenn for short<3)


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