Why Laughter is Always The Best Medicine

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Today’s prompt: Muddle

Muddle is a funny word. It rhymes with puddle (which I love puddles), which then got me thinking of the word juggle, then I instantly thought of clowns.

I’m not a big fan of clowns. But I am of a HUGE fan of laughing.

Like if I could laugh my whole life, I would.

Last night my church had a woman’s conference and they closed their night with a comedy show. The show was really interactive with the audience and I got to be that annoying girl who yells out answers and laughs too loud for a whole hour- and it was great.

Thanks to my trusty friend Allie, I was nominated to join one of their skits on stage. It was a spelling bee. And I am a horrible speller. But I had SO much stinking fun.

Thinking of how much I love laughing makes me think of how much I love seeing other people laugh. I love seeing 8th grade girls giggle uncontrollably when someone accidentally said ‘poop.’ I can’t help but smile when I see people huddle in to take a selfie of their time together because they were having just “so much fun.”

And thinking about me feeling joy when I see others smiling takes my mind straight to God and how he must feel when His children are laughing uncontrollably. How He must be smiling so big when His child is dancing like a crazy person but laughing and loving every minute of it. How He must feel so gosh dang proud when His children stop taking life so seriously and soak in the common grace of laughter.

Laughter has saved my life a time or two- literally. Laughing with my sweet students  instantly pulled me out of my depression while student teaching overseas, even if it was just for a moment. Hearing my daddy joke about his Parkinson’s saved his life, and our whole family’s honestly, bringing us to a place of joy and love in the “right now,” realizing that life is too short not to live it and live it well and live it full of laughter.

Because laughter is the best medicine. For those crummy days at work or those times when your daddy sits you down to tell you that he isn’t as invincible as you always thought was.

So make someone laugh this week. Make yourself laugh this week.

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Laugh because you are alive. Smile because He is with you. And if you’re ever stuck in a hard place, say the word ‘poop’ and you won’t be able to stop the smile from stretching across your face.

See ya soon,

Stephanie Lynn


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