Tests Are The Worst


Today’s Prompt:


Honestly nothing popped into my head when I read that word- mostly because I just got done cooking bacon, making the fire alarm go off, and now I am currently questioning if the bacon is even cooked enough for me to be eating it.

That’s how much of a cook I am.

I can’t barely cook bacon.

But even then, I am still eating it and its so so good, so I think I’m in the clear.

Back to the prompt: test.

I am not a big fan of tests, especially in school. Mostly because they are the cumulative ones where you are expected to remember all that you learned in the last 4 months. Or they determine whether or not you get your teaching license or if you should be driving or not.

Now I am not someone who has test anxiety, but I know I am not a test taker. I am someone who learns from experience. The only way I have grown to be the teacher that I am? Experience in a buncha different classrooms. The only way I know how to drive well (hopefully, don’t ask Allie)? By 6 years of experience.

And I think that is how the Lord tests us too- through experience. Through my experiences of depression and anxiety- I now know how to handle it when I can’t seem to get out of bed one morning. Or through hardships and break ups- I have learned from those mistakes, those ups and downs (lots of downs honestly) to where I know He is preparing me for the right relationship in the future.

Honestly, I get pissed when God draws me out into the wilderness. I get mad and instantly try to fix my problems when He is only trying to teach me and draw me back to Him through those broken times. 

So now when my faith is tested, or my teaching is tested by students asking me questions that I just don’t know the answer to, or if I go through another hard breakup or another hard family diagnosis- then I will be ready- because of Him.

And not that I am asking to be tested, but I like those kind of tests. Because they make me better. They draw me back to Him. And they glorify Him and always turn out for my, and our, good.

So I guess tests aren’t always that bad.

See ya soon,

Stephanie Lynn


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