Things Aren’t Always About You


Well looks like I’m starting out in a good grove for this writing thing- starting a day late, after already being 5 days late on top of it all.


Today’s prompt?


Now how should I look at this? Should I write about me or you? Cause when we read the word ‘you’ we instantly think of ourselves, right? Or is that just me..?

But I think I am going to write about you.

Yeah, you reading this.

Because you need to know something.

You need to know that you are pretty dang great.

You need to know that you are cared for, that you are loved, that you are worth it- worth the fight, worth the pursuit, worth the effort.

Uh- I know, cheesy stuff to say right? But the thing is- every one of us need to hear that truth. Too many of us have been living in the lie that we aren’t worth the love or the effort.

But we are. You are.

You is kind. You is smart. You is important.

No matter what age, gender, job title, or economic status. You matter.

And all I ask of you today is to believe it.

So do something for you today. Treat yourself today, because you deserve it. Then do something for someone else too. Because they matter too.

No, not everything is about you. But today, it is.

See ya soon,

Stephanie Lynn


9 thoughts on “Things Aren’t Always About You

  1. You are the best, Steph! You know those little dove chocolate wrappers that have a word of encouragement on them? This was like one long one of those! So great 💕

      1. Giiirl, soon! I am about to take my boards for nursing, but when that’s done maybe sometime in November or after the holidays ?! I’ll make a trip down to visit you before I start work 🙂 we will make it happen!!!

      2. I literally just got approved to test last night (leave it to California for a 7 month wait time), so I’m aiming for late October / early November !

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