Marriage is Funny, & I’m Not Even Married

Yesterday, Friday the 23rd, was probably the best day of my life.

I am not sure if any of you who are reading have heard of the podcast, Marriage is Funny (Because It Is) by Gerard and Jessie Pepper. If you have not- stop reading my blog and pop over to their website/podcast– you won’t regret it.

Anywho- I met Jessie Pepper yesterday. THEE Jessie Pepper. She says she’s not famous, I was quietly fan girl-ing the entire time I was with her; she wanted to hear my story, I almost passed out because I was meeting a woman who I had followed and admired for the last 2 years- so she was pretty much famous (to me at least).


Why do I love Jessie so much? Well, I have never met someone so beautiful inside and out, so energetic and so joyful in my entire life (besides my momma<3). Now Jessie is a little bit older than me, she’s been married for 9 years, lived in New York City and now in Long Beach California, and has made a career with her lifestyle and fashion blog, so she has a whole lot more experience of life and such than myself. But I have a feeling that she has always been her energetic self even before all her success, because she literally glows with how she holds herself and how she interacts with anyone who crosses her path.

I have always loved when others matched my excitement for life and adventure and stories, and I am pretty sure Jessie blows me out of the water in all of it.

Seriously she is the best. And so is her podcast. Her and her husband Gerard are so open and vulnerable, hilarious and sassy, and so true to themselves and who God called them to be in their chats. They share stories from the past and present, current frustrations as a married couple or even life as a middle class worker with a 2 hour commute. They just talk and converse like you are sitting there with them, and THAT is exactly why I was hooked the minute I started listening to them.

And once meeting Jessie in real life, I loved their podcast even more (didn’t think that was possible). I love it because Jessie is SO true to herself and I love hearing Gerard support her and challenge her and love her for who she is (that is my last sappy, weird thing to say about them, I promise).

If you have read any of my posts, you know that I am 100% open and love vulnerability in friendships and relationships, and Gerard and Jessie are a perfect example of that. Not only do they love Jesus, but they also love each other and literally everyone they meet (seriously Jessie is so stupid personable & sweet), and that is why their podcast has been so successful.


 Because they are real and honest and true to themselves. And no I am not married and probably won’t be for awhile, but I admire their relationship so much and see them as a wonderful example of how marriage and love was/is meant to be.

So check them out- expect me geeking over Jessie and her blog and podcasts from now on (now that the cat is out of the bag), and support them in their mission to share their life and their “great love” as they call it. Which I love so so much.


Thank you Jessie and Gerard. And Jessie? We chatted for 2 hours. I know where you live. I met your neighbors. I basically feel like we are best friends now. Hope that is okay<3.

See ya soon,

Stephanie Lynn


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