Parents & Phone Bills

I received a text from my mother today with this simple direction:
“Call me home you get a minute I need to talk to you about your cell phone usage.”

So I of course obeyed my mother and called her instantly, but I wasn’t getting the usual “watch it we almost used too much data” talk, I was getting “you used half the data this month” talk which then reverted to “your dad and I will be sending you and Nathan your monthly phone bill here soon.”

Instantly I pushed back because- wait one second Pops- Nathan is 5 years older than me so he has received 5 years of free cell phone service that I therefore deserve as well.

We went back and forth a little bit, eventually agreeing on my dad sending me how much my phone bill usually is in hopes to fit that bill into my (own) next month’s budget.

The debate was settled and I finished my errands and am now sitting in Starbucks looking up car insurance rates and browsing my new magazine- the “adult” things to do.

Growing up is tough. Meaning parents finally giving you free reign to fly isn’t always that fantastic- because phone bills, health and car insurance, and grocery bills seem to come flying free with it, as well. And as I sit here, I am literally brought to tears of thankfulness that I still have my parents to pass on those responsibilities to me.

I am so lucky to have a dad who places real life responsibilities on my shoulders, and I am so lucky to have a mom who I can call at any time of day for any kind of reason. I am lucky to have a dad who never forgets to ask me if I have had someone check my tire treads yet (even though I dread the question because the answer has yet to change on my end). I am lucky that I have parents who trust me and love me enough to let me go.

It has almost been a year since my dad has been diagnosed with Parkinsons.

And as I sit and think about it, I am even more thankful that I have my daddy to call me and tell me that I have to start paying for my own stuff. As I sit and watch older couples give their seats to strangers or reach down easily to pick up their granddaughter, I am praising the Lord that I still get to argue with my dad over if it is even ‘fair’ for me to pay my own phone bill. I am sitting, crying in starbucks because I am so dang thankful that I still get to hear my dad’s voice and that he can still ask me how my car is running on a daily basis.

 My mom turns 43 this year (+8 more but who’s counting) and she is still there to send me pictures of my dogs after their new haircuts and to buy me sweaters on every sale rack she sees.

And I pray I will always have them for that.

So I won’t complain about the new phone bill. I won’t complain about the constant questions about my car tire pressure. Because I am thankful for one more year. I am thankful for each and every phone call and text.

Yes I admit it- at 22 years old, in Southern California, I miss my parents.

And I am so dang thankful I can miss them like that.

So whoever you have- mom, dad, grandparent, or aunt or uncle, tell them thank you. And then give a fist pump to heaven for your Heavenly Father’s love and grace that fall over you every day, too.

See ya soon,

Stephanie Lynn





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