Gwenn Goes Local | California Style



SO. I accidentally let my “Gwenn Goes Local” go off-the grid. The truth is, I got stingy with my money and my time, and lost sight of my vision for my visits/posts.

But have no fear, my recent location change and a little higher paycheck coming in spurred the start up of more local spot posts- but this time- in California!

Okay that isn’t the whole truth- I missed visiting new places and writing about them, so of course moving means starting over and finding new coffee shops and cute cafes- thus spurred the beginning of Gwenn Goes Local California style.

Also a friend mentioned I was a blogger to a coffee shop owner and scored me an AMAZING free drink, so of course I have to write about the place!

This new place is called: The Press Espresso


It’s a super cute place, with super cool workers, and has a super chill environment.

So of course I give this place 5 super stars out of 5!

So what makes this place the place to be?

3 things make The Press, The Place:

ONE | The Shop Owners & Workers.

It is easy to support places when the workers are kind and personable, right? Well The Press is owned by a couple who lives here in Temecula who are just that.  I do not know much about the shop’s history, but I do know that the baristas and owners remember you from your first visit months before, strike up conversation because they truly want to know how you are, and are generous in their service and hospitality. I’m sure it wasn’t a huge deal that they gave me a free drink- but it was a HUGE deal to me and I will forever recommend their shop because of that act of kindness!

TWO | The Drinks.

Mmmm seriously guys. Their drinks are the BOMB.COM. They have extremely unique drinks, from their simple dirty chai (my favorite fo sho), to their honey lavender latte, they never disappoint. They are open to trying something new and mixing it up, and I love that!


THREE | The Environment.

I stayed until closing a couple evenings ago, and it was just me and the manager in the shop. What was so cool (and this connects with number one as well <3), was that the manager  was so encouraging when asking about my story and what brought me to California, openly talking about her faith and her church to me too. She didn’t have to make small talk with me, but she did, and I gained a new friend through it, feeling so encouraged from The Lord at the same time. The environment of this place was already on point in their cool lighting and little flowers and vases on every table, wood stumps as tables and books as wall decor- but when I felt welcomed and open to talk about my faith, knowing the owners encouraged that, that is what made this place one for the books for me. They also have live music every other Friday night, & I am SO for that.


(Even the bathroom is cute!)

Well- thats it ladies and gents! There are more to come for sure- I promise ya that.

Until next time.

Peace & blessings,



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