And The Count Down Begins

 So the count down begins. And so do all the questions.

“So what takes you to California?”

“How you feeling?”

“Are you ready?”

I can’t help but just sit in silence when people ask me these questions.

I’m not sure anyone understands how hard those questions truly are for me. I don’t think they understand how in awe of my move to California I really am.

In January I wrote a blog called: Progress is Progress. I wrote that because I felt like I wasn’t making any progress in my life after graduation like everyone else. My plans for after college were not God’s plans , I didn’t really want to teach anymore- I felt like a complete failure. I had a lot of “news” thrown in my lap and I had no idea how to handle it all (There’s a New Year’s Eve Blog for that one too).

I remember how broken I was, how confused I was, and how ready I was to see where God was leading me because I had NO idea where I was going.

And I guess California was it.

So what takes me to California?

Super good question. And the only true answer to that is God. And Allie Mendez.

And how am I feeling? Gosh I cry every time I think of how crazy awesome my Father is in handing me such an amazing adventure. I’m feeling overwhelmed with love, I have a stomach full butterflies of anticipation, and a heart overflowing with gratitude.

And am I ready? Uh heck yes I am. I am SO ready to follow my Heavenly Father’s footsteps. I am so ready for Him to take me where I could have never imagined. I am so sure that He has prepared me and has been preparing me for this adventure, filling me up through my church and my job, my family and my friends-and now He is literally pushing me out the door to start this new journey.

So the count down begins. The count down begins for the ‘adventure of a lifetime.’ The count down begins for the day I get to step foot in my first classroom, the place the Lord has been preparing me and my students for. And the count down begins for me to let go of my plans, and for me to lay down my life and follow Him. 

So how am I feeling? Am I ready?

Man am  I ready. I am full, and I am overflowing with God’s hope and joy for this next step .

And all the glory goes to Him.

See ya soon,

Stephanie Lynn


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