Love & Wedding Season

I have a love/hate relationship with wedding season.

The part I love? Well heck- I love the love.

The part that hits me where it hurts? The constant reminder that my plans weren’t His plans.

This past weekend I had a stinking BLAST at my friends’, Alec and Morgan’s wedding. This weekend was all about celebrating love and Morgan finding the one whom her soul loves, and all of us girls couldn’t help but gush over one another’s love lives and all the plans, rings and weddings we saw in the future.

Out of the 9 girls at the bachelorette party, me and Morgs’ 17 year old sister were the only single girls. Yes, the thought that I couldn’t compare Morgan and Alec’s love to mine was tough at times, but not once did Morgan let me forget how much I didn’t need a man in my life to feel loved.

My favorite part of the whole weekend was sitting at dinner, listening to all the girls list off three things they loved about their guy. Why that time?

Well, it was during that time that Morgan locked eyes with me and mouthed, “I’m sorry. I love you.”

See, Morgs has been with me through the thick and thin of my current/past “love” life. She was the one who let me cry it out, but who also put me in my place when I mentioned his name too many times.

I have always been more than thankful for Morgan and her constant love and encouragement, but at that moment and throughout her wedding weekend, I was hit with God’s love through her words and constant love. There were numerous times that Morgan took the time, out of her celebration and the party for her and her soon to be groom, to pull me aside and let me know how loved I truly am.

So this weekend was tough, but so beautiful because I saw true love at its finest. I saw a kind, sweet-hearted man commit to loving my best friend for the rest of their lives. I saw a selfless, brave, beautiful woman promise to stand by her love’s side always, through thick and thin.

And I was reminded of what love truly looks like- what love should look like. And God was so at work the entire time and I didn’t even realize.

He reminded me through Morgan and all my friends how loved I am. He guarded my heart from falling back into the shame and guilt that lingers from my past relationship. And he opened a door at just the right time.

I was going to write this post and share all the ways in which I have healed after my past relationship/break up, but this is where I ended up. Funny how God works, huh?

Because here I am, writing about love and honestly, processing the fact that I am not getting married any time soon, yet feeling so content and so full from the love I received this weekend from my dear friend and now Mrs <3.

So Morgs? I am not crying right now because I miss what I had, but I am crying because I am overflowing from the love you showed me these past few days. I am so full from how you expressed God’s love for me on your wedding day, and how special you made me feel.

God is love, ain’t He? And man am I thankful for His love and for the constant ways He reminds me that He is all I need.

Who knew I could love wedding season so much?

See ya soon,

Stephanie Lynn



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