How To Be That Confident Girl

So I wrote up this blog a few days ago, hoping to post it in a few days. But after sitting on it for a day or two, I realized how BOGUS the post was.


Like seriously so bogus I probably should have just thrown that whole bag of popcorn in my face because it was such a bogus post.

So what this post all about? Well the bogus part comes in when I think about what I wrote and how my words were so so far from the point I was trying to make.

What I wrote at first was something like this: do these 4 things and you will for sure be confident in who you are.

Not too bad, but then I tried to twist it to make it seem like those 4 things would lead you to feeling confident in who you are in The Lord.

I seriously took my own idea and tried to twist it to where it connected with the bible.

Please don’t remind me how that is so not good to do. I know, believe me.

But the problem with the whole post was that I really truly just wanted women, young and old, to feel confident in who they are because they are beautiful and perfect in their Father’s eyes- the only eyes that matter.

So I admit: this post started out bogus. I can tell you what I wrote to make yourself feel more confident- like wearing lipstick no matter what, wearing shoes with a little bit of heel so every time your foot strikes the floor your confidence spikes just a little more, to always seeing the mirror as your best friend, and last but not least, owning what you wear.

Those things aren’t bad, but they seriously have nothing to do with how God sees us (Come on Steph).

After I wrote up more than 600 words over the “4 things that can make you feel more confident” I then ended the blog with this:

Phew that was a lot of words. Sorry guys.

BUT I hope that something stuck out to you in this. If you get nothing out of what I wrote, please get this: our confidence does not and never will come from the things of this world. Our confidence can only come from the One who is perfect and holy, who made us perfect, who is sitting on the throne. This world will fail you, but He never will.

So where is your confidence placed?

Over the last few months of a great but tough single life, I have found things that make me feel confident in who I am as a daughter of Christ. Weirdly enough, lipstick makes me feel sophisticated and strong in who I am, same with those click-ety heels and owning what I wear, but that doesn’t mean that works for every other girl in the world.

Cause guys, lipstick can’t tell you what God feels for you. Shoes and clothes can’t wrap you in grace and mercy every morning. And mirrors should not have even been invented honestly. Because yes, having the mirror as your best friend is an outlook I think every women should have, but even then our highlights and thigh gaps have no place in our eternal glory.

The only thing that sustains, the only thing that endures, the only One that will never fade, is God.

So wear that lipstick if it makes you feel beautiful. Own what you wear because The Lord made you to be who you are and no one else. And make the mirror your best friend because best friends encourage, lift up, and love each other, so why can’t we start doing that to our own reflection?


But at the end of the day, don’t find your confidence in those things, find your confidence in Him. Find your confidence in the One who cares so much for you. Find your confidence in the One who loves your more in a moment than any person can in a lifetime (got that beautiful saying from my homegirl Allie Mendez<3).

See ya soon,

Stephanie Lynn


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