Wardrobe Wed|Nes|Day | Vests On Vests

It’s a good thing and a bad thing when you can trust yourself enough to not look in the mirror before you head out the door.

The good thing was it was 6o degrees today so the tall socks were a solid choice and honestly I just got lucky with how it ended up not looking too out of the ordinary.

The bad thing? I have worn this vest many times before, and every time I think it looks okay while grabbing it off the hanger. But once I walk by a mirror later in the day, I hit myself for not ironing it for the 6th wear in a row (no judgement for wearing it 6 times in a row- its a vest…).

All to say, I am obsessed with vests (I have 3 in my spring wardrobe alone) and I’m a big fan of my “new” outfit, BUT I’m no good at giving myself any extra time to iron in the morning.

4 things I’ve learned today: I love me some vests, I need to just iron my clothes for goodness sake, I miss and need to start blogging more often, & I’m getting a little excited for my summer wardrobe 🙈.

And my next few blogging topics? Well I’ll finally post about the enneagram, and my internship has taught me some valuable lessons that I would love to share<3.

Until next time.

See you soon,

Stephanie Lynn


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