Why I Want To Punch Satan In The Face


I think it was no accident that instead of opening up the paper over my morning coffee, I opened my bible and just read. I think it was no accident that I was to read through Matthew 24-25 before I scrolled through my Instagram feed. And it definitely was no accident that ‘Be Alert’ stuck out to my weary and confused heart. Because the moment I watched the video of the bombing in Brussels and unfolded the newspaper, I had SO much peace and such an urge just to preach His name and His goodness.

Come on ISIS. Of course you’ll take credit for this- anything that installs fear you will raise your hand high in victory- but the thing is, I don’t care that you take credit, because my God is bigger. I have a God who can take credit for every living being past, present and future, for every breath taken on His earth. And in about 4 short days, His message of resurrection and VICTORY over the grave, will be announced across the nations.

Man do I want just want to punch Satan in the face right now. Because apparently he thinks that the more chaos he creates, the more fear is instilled in our hearts. But guys- don’t let it work. Don’t let his hits hurt your heart, but instead let God’s power hit in its place. He has no power over this world, because Christ already beat him over 2,000 years ago. So have no fear, because Christ is here, He is with us, and He reigns no matter what crap satan tries to throw at us.

See ya soon,

Stephanie Lynn


4 thoughts on “Why I Want To Punch Satan In The Face

  1. Nice read. I live in Kenya and we are constantly unde high alert because of terrorism, it can be quite frightening but you are right, with Christ, we indeed are victors regardless of what we face from the enemy.

    1. I was in Prague during the Paris attack, so I can understand that fear to an extent! I hope you are doing great there! My church just got back from Kenya and loved every part of it! There is so much scary stuff in this world- but God has us in His hand!

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