I Want To Be Fearless

| Be fearless in the pursuit of what Sets your Soul on fire. |


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I want to be fearless. Fearless in my pursuit of life, of love and of The Lord.

I want to take risks, love daringly, and push into the passions The Lord has set upon my heart.

I want to just go, anywhere and everywhere. Whether that is right around the corner from my home, or across the country or the globe.

I don’t know, I just love that word: fearless. It makes me feel like I can do anything, be anyone, be anywhere- because I am a daughter of the King.

I want to be fearless because I fear Him, in the most beautiful, magnificent way ever imagined. I fear what He can do, how He can move, where He is taking me.

I fear Him, not in a horrified fear, but in a fearless fear.

I fear The Lord, running fearlessly into His arms because I know all that He can, will and wants to do in my life.

So what sets my soul on fire?

In all seriousness, Jesus sets my soul on fire. Jesus, the risen son of God, the One who loves me more than I could ever fathom, the One who just wants His love to cover everything and everyone.

Jesus sets my soul on fire. His call on my life, to lead His children, to sing His praises and to write about His goodness, those are all passions that set my soul ablaze- they are all passions from Him.

Moving to the West coast sets my heart on fire. Following Jesus wherever He leads, sets my heart on Fire. Celebrating a new birth into a living hope through the beautiful posture of baptism, sets my heart ablaze.

So I am going to run fearless after those things. I am going to run fearless after Him.

And as cheesy as it sounds, I want you to join me.

See you soon,

Stephanie Lynn


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