I honestly could not have said it better myself. Emily, I do not know you, but The Lord is so speaking through you.

It’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to be in the mess. It’s okay to be crazy goofy one minute and it’s totally okay to get down in the dumps the next. We are human, we are broken, but man do we have joy and beauty through the One who makes all things new and marvelous.

Don’t shy away from the pain, the love, the joy, and the sorrow. We all have it- we are all riding the rollercoaster of anxiety filled mornings and joy filled evenings. Life is crazy, but when you know that it is good, for our good and for His glory- there is no reason to be afraid.

Keep reading for Emily”s beautiful words!
Thanks Emily!

See ya soon,

Emily Victoria

When attempting to write what I feel I fall into polarized thinking. Saying “this season in life is perfect” or “this season in life is awful”

Often the internal world feels like something that can only begin to be grasped (never fully) in words, in moments, or in metaphors.

How many ways have people expressed that things are complicated and blended up?

It’s not black and white. Seasons are not all good or all bad.


Life is a car ride with friends, windows down and singing to a song we all would have chosen ourselves. But that same day shifts into something else… to playing a game everyone understands but you, where you just stand there overwhelmed and watch the world around you move.

Life goes from a clear morning, where thoughts walk in rows onto pages, where coffee is good and brings clarity, when everyone you love is…

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