Spring Sneak Peek | Wardrobe Wed|nes|day


First sneak peek. 🙈 And I promise, California sun is coming soon so those pale legs won’t last much longer🙈

Anywho-my wallet, time, and Springfield’s bipolar weather have come together and decided that next week is the best time to reveal the spring capsule wardrobe.

But don’t back away yet, I have a sneak peek for ya!

This sneak peek includes my two tips for my capsule wardrobe along with 9 essential pieces to the wonderful 37 pieces still in the making.

Here we go<3

Capsule Wardrobe Tips:

Double, Triple, Quadruple Any Piece⇒ I know, I know, this goes against one of the main reasons for having a capsule wardrobe- so that you don’t wear out those pieces that you really love. But heres the thing, the reason I love certain pieces is because I can wear them anywhere, anytime. Take my long short-sleeved striped shirt for example: I can wear it with leggings, jeans and boots, sweater and scarf, covering all four of the seasons with just one piece of clothing (and a few extra ones too<3). Yes it gets worn out over time, with chocolate milk spills and make-up stains, but it wears with my style. I wear the same pieces in almost every season because that is my style, and without fail, overtime the shirt or jeans or sweatshirt are worn out, along with my style, & then the cycle starts all over again. So I guarantee my spring wardrobe will overlap with my summer and maybe even my fall wardrobe, but hey, it saves me money and I get my favorite styles all at the same time!

Unique Pieces = Unique Outfits ⇒ I have a few shirts that are embroidered or really colorful, but then I also have two or three cardigans that I can mix and match with those shirts- or the pants/skirts, or even the shoes! I’m tellin’ ya, all you need are a few unique pieces, whether that’s a shirt or pants, and the possibilities of pairing are endless!

If you have any other tips or trades for your capsule wardrobe, hit me up!

And as I promised, here is a sneak peek of my spring wardrobe! The pink tennis shoes are my running shoes, so they don’t count as a piece, but I love them so they wanted to join in. Neither does my phone, but it looked cool, so..


My wardrobe is going to have lots and lots of jean- & I’m okay with it.🙆🏻

If you have some cute pieces for your spring wardrobe, comment below or email me at youngandfullblog@gmail.com! I would love to see what you have and maybe even steal a few ideas!

See you soon,

Stephanie Lynn

Cover Image by Morgan Judge.


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