A Taste of Roma! | Gwenn Goes Local #Cinque

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Well, I’ve done it again folks.

I ate it before I took a pic of it.

I ate the pizza (which tasted like it came straight from Rome)- I scarfed down 4 slices and didn’t even flinch to take a photo before the pieces of heaven were devoured.

I sincerely apologize for the loss my blog has had to experience, 2 out of 5 times, just because I couldn’t control my stomach.

On the note of eating, who doesn’t like pizza? Shout out to the roomies back at college because I know they feel me on this one: sometimes pizza just has to be eaten, no matter what the cost.

The cost for me? Well it was exactly 3 dollars that I literally had to throw at my brother and hide in a corner for him to take the cash, but that isn’t the cost you want to know I’m guessing.

I’m guessing you want to know: is this a place, Joe Gallina’s: A Slice Of Italy, where I want to spend my time and my money? Is the cost of my precious time worth it?

Whoa- I just got weird and deep, sorry again.

YES, it’s worth it.

1. It’s worth it because it’s a local business with red and white checkered floors, red/green/white booths (I seriously love booths), and an aroma of pizza in the air.

2. It’s worth it because it is literally a snapshot of Rome, a slice of Italy, in downtown Springfield.

3. It is worth it because you can say “Grazie” and the woman behind the counter will start talking to you in Italian, asking you if you are from ‘Roma?!’

Yes it’s worth it folks. It’s worth every penny. And it’s even better when your big bro is your pizza eating pal (I ate more than him…)

Yes, it is good pizza like many other places, but it is a local Italian family, who work hard to keep their business running, holding it together with fast & kind service and a fantastic Italian accent.

If all roads lead to Roma, then all roads lead to Joe Gallina’s Pizza- on Monroe and 4th to be exact.

Until next time.

Peace & blessings,



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