Spring Wardrobe Must Haves| Wardrobe Wed|nes|day


Wardrobe Wed|nes|day.

GUYS. I am all about having some sort of series on my blog now. It helps me stay accountable in posting 2-3 times a week, AND it makes for fun blog posts!

So what is a Wardrobe Wed|nes|day?

Well-I think what I want these “wardrobe wednesday” posts to be, are posts sharing my must haves for my own capsule wardrobe for the spring, summer, & beyond.  Or posts sharing the journey of my brother’s or mom’s wardrobe upgrade- I don’t know! I just love trying different things with my outfits and I would love to share that with y’all! I also love that my family trusts me enough to ask them to help them dress up their closets…now that’s true love.

So here’s a few previews of my spring wardrobe must haves and a snapshot of my big bros style upgrade, too 🙈

Abercrombie jean jacket from Plato’s Closet, blush forever 21 shirt (supposed to be a dress), black/grey checkered scarf from Charlotte Rouse (gift from roomie ❤ ) dark skinny jeans from Old Navy, & brown ankle boots (I have an old suede pair from Old Navy, and new real leather ones from Lucky Brand!). The scarf is for the “Uh-oh it’s 29 degrees in March again” kinda day.

And now for a sneak peak of my bro’s first shopping trip!🙈

The rest of the wardrobe is coming next week, & Nate’s before and after pictures coming soon after that!

See ya soon,

Stephanie Lynn


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