Prayer Cards Sold Here!


^That is my coffee, straight black, sitting with my wonderful grandparents, contemplating: I think I want to start a shop on my blog.

Not that I have that much to offer, but I do like pushing myself to be more crafty & creative than usual, so I figured, if I opened up a shop on my blog, what better way to push me to make more creative-ish things, right?

Well- I know myself, and I know that creating habits and stay motivated are not my strong suits. But what I have seen, especially through my Monday Morning posts on Instagram, is that the secret to success is having people rooting for you.

So I want to ask- will you root for me? Will you keep me accountable to actually post on this blog more than 1 every blue moon? And another huge question: will you shop in my Gwenn Lynn Shop?

First item being sold: Prayer cards.

save-new (1)


Pray cards are going to rock your world.

I started these cards early last summer by simply cutting paper into fourths, writing names of people, places, plans, anything that I wanted to pray for and started writing.

I was writing out prayers for my parents, my friends, my family, and my future. I was boldly proclaiming and fervently asking for The Lord to do some big things in my loved ones lives.

Now sometimes, the prayers were specific to that time and place, and others were long time dreams and wishful thinking, but prayers all the more.

And every day, week, or month, I would pick up those cards and start whispering the same prayers, over and over. I kept praying the same things over and over, adding to the pleas for my dad’s life or my Grandma’s cancer when seasons took a turn. But what was so dang cool to see through these prayer cards, were the prayers being answered.

Prayers for stronger faith and cancer free, prayers for rest and peace, prayers for boldness and love- every sing word I wrote was answered. Of course, they weren’t answered in the ways I hoped, but over the course of 9 months, I could see that The Lord put things only heart so that I could see His work be done.

And I want that for you.

So wherever you’re at, whoever you are, I want you to make some prayer cards. They are as easy as 1-2-3, BUT if you really feel like you lack a creative side or don’t have the time or resources, I would love to create some for you.

In all honesty, they aren’t anything special. This cards are so simple to make, and that is exactly why I want to reach out to any of you and see if you may want a few!

I can cut out up to 20 cards for you, writing names of people, places or things that you would like to pray for. I will do my best to make the written names pretty- just like the ones you see above-Scouts honor (and those are kinda messy!).

save-new (2) This is all it is: blank card, name written on the bottom, then you fill ‘er up.

If any of you are interested in receiving some of these, contact me at or hit up my contact page, and we can talk what you would like written on your cards!

The Lord does some crazy things through these cards, and I want YOU to experience that power and grace.

See you soon,

Stephanie Lynn


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