Busy Bee | Enneagram Coming Soon

I just want to say how oh so sorry that I haven’t posted in over a week. I know some of you or like 99% of you may not have missed me, but I sure as heck missed you <3.

So on the note of no blog activity over the last week, I want to share some stuff that I have been learning over the last few days of my almost 22-year-old life.

1. God is always there. Faith & doubt don’t go together you say? Well let me tell ya somethin’ I learned yesterday: the most important word of faith & doubt is “&.” (more on that topic later!)

2. I just started full, full time at my new job today, as well as 4 hours a week teaching with Boys & Girls club, subbing on Fridays, and working at the salon on Saturdays. All to say, yes I am a busy bee, BUT I am so stoked and ready for this next crazy season of my life.

3. The Enneagram is THEE best. promise there will be a post up on this later, but let me tell ya one thing about it: its a personality test that will blow your mind.

4. I love my new job(s). Oh wait, did I already say that?🙈

Thanks for tuning in- Gwenn Goes Local will be up and runnin’next week, no doubt about that- & I am a little excited to turn 22 here in the next 14 days.

See ya soon,

Stephanie Lynn





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