Bunn Gourmet | Gwenn Goes Local Spot Numero 3

Uh I love this place.

Every, stinkin’ thing about it.

Bunn Gourmet is brand new local coffee shop who also partners with Pease’s Candy store. Bunn has been a local business for years, but they have grown to sell their products way past the borders of good ol’ Illinois.

In the 1950s, company founder George Bunn was driven by the goal of making it simple and fast to brew a quality cup of coffee. He relentlessly designed, hand assembled, tested, modified and perfected prototypes in Springfield, Illinois USA. Since that time, BUNN® has grown into a global brand and is now a trusted partner of choice for quality home brewers and commercial dispensed beverage equipment. We’ve built our business on a humble passion for making it simple to create quality in every cup for every occasion. What we started then, we continue today with a portfolio that is rich with industry-leading, customer-driven patented solutions.


(^ I TOTALLY just found this online and I love every word of the description- it makes me so proud to be from Springfield!)


Three things I love about this place right?

Hmm mhm.

Here are the three C’s I love about Bunn Gourmet:

1. Chai Tea Latte: In all honestly, I don’t really even know what chai tea is, but I knew I liked in Prague, so why not true my local, home grown chai tea?!;) And lets just say, I more than loved it. Like I really really really loved it. I have been to Bunn twice in one week and ordered the chai tea both times. Now please hear me out- their menu is JAM packed with other tasty drinks that I have heard are absolutely delightful, but I started this one and I am afraid to venture away from its goodness.

2. Cheesecake: Let’s just take a second to see if there is a picture of my cheesecake anywhere…well thats because I forgot to take a picture before I dove into its three chocolately goodness, therefore there was no evidence left behind to prove that I actually ate anything…Oh, and another thing that I tried there? Their gourmet grilled cheese and tomato soup (that wasn’t called soup, but I can’t remember the real name. Great blogger, huh?) Man that grilled cheese and yummy tomato stuff was gone in a heartbeat too because there ain’t no picture to be found of that one either. So their food? Super local (even from my first stop on Gwenn Goes Local, Incredibly Delicious!) and super good.

3. Community: So I was the loner in Bunn Gourmet on Valetine’s Day- but I loved it. I actually met two other families/couples, saw familiar faces, and enjoyed every second I was sippin’ on my chai latte and sitting’ on the comfy couch near the toasty fireplace. The environment of this place is absolutely perfect for any occasion- whether you’re looking for a cute date night spot, a work meeting, or a night out on your own in a cozy chair- then Bunn Gourmet is your place.

| I have a goal to find a fancy mirror in every local shop I visit<3|

BUNN Gourmet will be a destination spot for Springfield shoppers to enjoy a variety of unique experiences. Our guests will be able to watch candy being made in our chocolate theatre, enjoy a great espresso drink, savor a piece of gourmet chocolate or bring the children in for a selection of their favorite sweet treats. On a chilly day, guests can enjoy a great cup of coffee or a glass of interesting wine in front of a warm fireplace.
BUNN Gourmet is pleased to offer this selection of great local brands in an inviting and engaging environment. We look forward to welcoming our customers to our new location. –BUNN Gourmet

All I have to say is this: Bunn Gourmet is worth the stop. It has local history, local food, Pease’s candy, and a cozy fireplace-what more could you ask for?

Until next time.

Peace & blessings,


Oh- and shout out to Bunn for supporting my college finances with a scholarship my freshman year!


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