Incredibly Delicious | Gwenn Goes Local Spot #1

Incredibly Delicious = Incredibly adorable/amazing/perfect.

First off- I’m super upset that I’d never heard of this place before.

Second off- I’m super thankful for a job that allows me to meet new people, like the man who was in to get his hair washed and cut, who ended up working at this locally owned restaurant. I actually give all the credit to that guy for sparking the idea of Gwenn Goes Local.


I think how I m going to do these posts is like this: list three things I love about the place, some pictures of the restaurant/shop, etc. and strongly encourage y’all to check it out. And you can’t use the excuse that you don’t live in Springfield, IL as a way to get out of it. We’ve got all the Abraham Lincoln sites you could ever imagine here in good ol’ Springfield, so plan a trip to see Honest Abe along with a quick stop at these local shops- I promise our 16th President and the cute little shops of Springfield won’t let you down.

Okay here we go!

1. The Character: Wow I could have passed out walking into this place. My family and I have dreamed of living in an old time home, and that is exactly where this restaurant is placed. The table cloths are made up of lemons and a bright blue backdrop, the walls are brightly painted in turquoise and beyond, and the old time fireplaces in each room offer the cozy feel that I absolutely love. I was a little rushed when eating my breakfast here, so I am determined to go back soon and give another shout out when I have more time to enjoy a latte and macaroon on top of those lemon table cloths.

2. The Food: Typical thing to love, right? Well here’s the thing guys. Their breakfast and lunch menus aren’t 20 miles long, but what they do have is unique and incredibly delicious (hence the name). What is unique is that they offer breakfast, lunch, bakery items, cakes, bread, coffee and probably a whole lot more that I still need to check out. You pay once you walk in, allowing you to not feel so stressed for time or awkward when you have to get your waiter’s attention when you need to bounce. My special guest and I got a melted egg and cheese on a crunchy croissant. Died with my first bite.


3. Any Company Is Cozy Company: I am all about environment and the feel of a place. I love Starbucks and Panera because it is chill enough to sit for hours, but this place beats those places by a long shot. Whether you are alone, or with a group of 12, you won’t be disappointed. I don’t know if they have wifi, but it honestly doesn’t even matter. Grab a good book, a solid friend, or a work group and hit this place up for a good time. You won’t be disappointed.

Welp- there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Incredibly Delicious was incredibly delicious, and I can not wait to go back.

save-new (7)

Oh, and my special guest was the best guy I know- My Pops. He’ll be joining me for most of my adventures, and will show up on my Gwenn Goes Local with his own little snippet here soon, too.

You should visit Incredibly Delicious, like, yesterday.

Until next time. Peace & Blessings,


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2 thoughts on “Incredibly Delicious | Gwenn Goes Local Spot #1

  1. This is great, I love it! These are the kinds of places I love to go to and love to talk about. Looks like you have a great little gem to return to! Great post!

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