Gwenn Goes Local


I am so stoked to start this new “segment” of my blog called ‘Gwenn Goes Local.”

First off, Gwenn is my nickname that only one of my friends calls me (Gwenn Stefani), but I love it because it’s the best nickname ever, so.

Second off, what is Gwenn Goes Local you ask? Wow I am so glad you brought that up!

Gwenn Goes Local is simply this: Gwenn, that’s me, will be going to local shops, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. to support a group called Local First Springfield. Now here’s the thing: not all shops/restaurants that I visit will be members of this group, BUT the whole mission of Local First is to do just that: put local first. My dad owns his own marketing company and he is all for this group, which means I am all for this group too.

With my dad as a local business owner, I want to support him and all the other local businesses in my area. And selfishly, it gives me a chance to visit new places and try new things like coffee and stuff<3.

Starbucks and H&M, and Qdoba and Target will not lose my support and love, but they may just run a close second to the new places I am headed.

The local shops here and throughout the state, nation, world (whoa, thats a lot but true), work hard to get started and stay healthy and profitable (and that is hard when there are so many places to go in this world). I would love to own my own coffee shop, but I don’t have the guts or finances to even try it- but these people did and we should support them in that. They have talents, passions, and loves for what they are selling, creating, or baking, and I want to support them- so that is what I am going to do, and I want my blog to bring some attention, even if it is just one customer, to their front doors.

My first post will be up next week, with a special guest too!

See you soon,

Stephanie Lynn

#shopeatdrinklocalspringfield #gwenngoeslocal


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