Prayer & Tears | Car Rides Aren’t Only Meant For Driving

Nine times out of ten my car rides lead to crazy prayer time which then without fail leads to tears shed.

I don’t know why, but I have been gushing to just tell someone that I pray when I drive. I know this is a simple thing that all y’all have probably done before, and so have I, but it is usually a huge discipline for me to physically turn off the tunes and get right down to the junk.

But after graduating college and running into a heap of unanswered prayers and anxious thoughts, my radio went untouched while my prayers and tears filled my little red Mitsubishi.

And man am I okay with it.

Now every morning, afternoon, or evening, or even a quick trip to the bank, is filled with me lifting my thoughts, worries, and heart up to God.

Please, please, please hear me out in this: I am not posting this for all to see to make myself look like a super Christian- because in no way, shape or form am I anywhere close to pursuing The Lord like I should- I am writing this so whoever the heck stumbles upon this will understand how stinking wonderful prayer and conversation with their Heavenly Father truly is.

I look forward to every time I step foot in my car. I seriously get excited and do not understand what all the hype is about until I am buckled in, hands on the wheel, coming to the grand realization that no one can hear me but Him.

Guys prayer is HUGE. And man can it do great things. Through my prayer life, whether writing it down or yelling it out, I can see The Lord’s provision and hand through it all. No I don’t feel okay all the time, yes I let me fears and anxieties get the best of me, but every dang time I get in my car then arrive at my destination, my mind is settled and my heart is full of Him.

He meets you where you are. He meets you when you are seeking Him and His plan.

And man am I seeking that. But I do get confused. I stray away every day with the worry of my future or the lost anchor of the living hope of His imperishable, uncorrupted, unfading inheritance kept in heaven for me.

But it is those car rides, that one pray time, and those tears shed that bring me back to Him, reminding me that I am no where near perfect, but He is so I can be.

So remember: Car Rides→ Prayer → Tears

If you’re stuck somewhere, tired and worn, or just crying joyful tears because you love kids so much (this girl), seriously hop in your car, tune out the world, and give it all up to The Lord. You won’t regret it.


See you soon,



2 thoughts on “Prayer & Tears | Car Rides Aren’t Only Meant For Driving

  1. Amen! Stephanie, great post because communication with God is what it is all about! Prayer is a time of confessing our sin and turning from it so that He can forgive us our sins as we are told in 1 John 1:9. So many times I believe that Christians prayer lives and relationship with God suffers because they DO NOT spend time with Him. We are told to pray with our ceasing so your car rides fits time in with God, where as someone may go all week without talking to Him because they don’t think they have time so they avoid it all together. The devil comes knocking when he sees us growing spiritually weaker without our prayer life…Keep up the great work!!:))

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