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Remember those short posts I talked about a long, long time ago? If not, hit this link, catch up, then come on back to this here blog post, cause this is one of them.

I visited a new church this morning, added another job to my resume, edited my soon-to-be (hopefully) growing budget plan, actually sat down at the kitchen table to have lunch with my parents, and now I am currently sitting on my parents bed, 2 sleep dogs at my feet, and a napping momma to my right.

And it was just a few moments ago that I caught myself in a moment of humility and peace as I read through my old blogs. I was suddenly filled with the joy of Christ as I began to realize that over the last 2 years (seen through my blogs), man has my Heavenly Father been trying to teach me a whole lot about me and heck He isn’t done yet.

The peace and joy came because I realized I am in the place He wants me to be right now, and I am okay with it.

The beginning of my new year was first seen as too many “news” but now I am finally realizing that these “news” are some good, good news. News like two random jobs that have nothing to do with teaching but everything to do with other passions the Lord has given me (and I can still pursue teaching!). News like random times of rest, family yoga, and reading books on books on books. News like learning that God’s will for my life will come in many twists and turns, and this time of news is just one of those twists.

All to say, I just wanted to share my joy with y’all, because God is so cool and I want you all to find His joy like I have.

Oh, and I just couldn’t just write about the joy, I had to show you, too. Photo booth is a little too much fun sometimes.

 “Humility is the mother of giants. One sees great things from the valley; only small things from the peak.”- GK Chesterton

See ya soon,

Stephanie Lynn


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