The Orvieto Tour Guides | Part 1

Those dang Italians know everything. Well, my Italians sure do.

This past weekend my wonderful girlfriend Morgan visited me in Prague. Her pal/sidekick/great gal Abby came along for the ride, making the visit that much sweeter.

Basically, Morgs is the bomb and Abby is the .com. These two girls roamed around Prague while Avery and I were in school on Friday, and then we met them in the heart of the city for a night on the town. Friday was Avery and I’s opportunity to show them the ropes of Prague, but little did we know did they already know our city better than we did. When Saturday rolled in, the sun shined bright and our little Italians quickly turned into our tour guides.

Funny enough, those girls knew more about Prague than Avery and I did, taking us to the top spots that we had yet to visit on our own. Our day was filled with tripping on almost every cobble stone road (mostly me, but Morgan and Abby joined in later), some good bagels, two Cathedrals, The Charles Bridge (3 times), a beautiful Art Gallery for $2.50, The Old Town Square Clock Tower, The Lennon Wall, many many jammin’ street performers, free segway rides, cappuccinos and Trdelniks, matching berets, and ripped maps.

Morgan, you are blessing. You helped me see this city in a whole new light, and I could thank you a million times for that. You have a beautiful way of helping me see the world in a whole new way- I think that is what friendship is for, huh?

Prague misses you, but hey, Italy is calling my name.

See you soon Morgs<3

Stephanie Lynn

IMG_1327 IMG_1337 

IMG_1334 IMG_1339 IMG_1326 IMG_1340 IMG_1336 IMG_1321IMG_1333 IMG_1332 IMG_1330IMG_1322 IMG_1325 IMG_1335IMG_1328 IMG_1329 IMG_1320


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