Adventure In Pragueress | A Little Bit of Everything

It all started at 12:45 p.m. on Friday afternoon:
I praised Jesus for a checked bag that was 22Kg (supposed to be 23 or less). It felt like I only had 2 minutes to say goodbye to my parents.
IMG_0719 IMG_0720
Avery and sat by Gate B12 when we were supposed to be in B17. I had to check my carry-on because it was too heavy but they promised it was free.
Avery and I weren’t sitting next to each other but then the nice man in “my” seat traded. My movie/music/tv screen didn’t work for like a hot 45 minutes. I swore, but never asked, that Dylan from Modern Family was flying on our flight.
IMG_0717 IMG_0718
And here I am now, just unpacked, 8 p.m. Prague time, and I am still numb. This cannot be real. But that’s the thing, it is. It’s real and man has it started. It started with driving around Prague with the principal of my school, getting the ends and outs of the city. It started with then getting dropped off at a street market, then getting completely lost in a city with really no idea where ‘home’ was, let alone how to get back on our own. We walked (a lot a lot) to some beautiful places, all of which we still need to learn the names and history of…but they were beautiful so…
IMG_0716 IMG_0715    IMG_0721      IMG_0704
Honestly, I still have no idea how to feel or what to say. I miss home already, but I desperately want to be out on my own. It’s a weird feeling, growing up. It’s scary, all that unknown…
And that is where God steps in and says: trust Me completely. No matter how much I plan and pack and stress and worry and cry, He is the only one who knows the plan. He is the only one who understands how detrimental this trip is to my future. He is the only one who can give me strength and the ability to teach 5 year olds 1st grade material. He is the only one who knows my future and man is that freaky.
So here’s to the next two ‘most life-changing months’ of my life, my friend Avery who has already experienced my freak out, emotional, distraught self, and the kiddos I have the amazing privilege to teach.
Prague, I’m here and I’m ready for ya.
See ya soon,
Stephanie Lynn

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