A New Way To Blog

So I was listening to a podcast called the Lively Show, and the guest that was speaking was a blogger, a mom of 6, and a designer all in one. First of all, can we just give that lady a round of applause? Second of all, this gal had some great stuff to say and one thing she talked about was how she started her blog. She said that she tried to be a fabulous personal essay writer like some bloggers, but then she found something even better. She would post a picture and then a few sentences and that was it for each blog post. Sounds like familiar, right?

Yes, Instagram has already taken this idea and ran with it, BUT I thought it would be so cool for me to be sharing my trials and errors with life on my blog as well as on my Instragram account. I love this idea because it gives me more opportunities to blog but it also takes a whole lotta stress off my shoulders of trying to write a master piece (especially during student teaching and adult life and stuff). AND it allows me to share small snippets of my life all at once that are different than my Instagram posts.

Just like my Instagram account, I strive to be authentic, vulnerable, and genuine in every one of my blog posts. I want to encourage woman young and old to always seek Jesus even when it hurts. I want to share the joys, the trials, my moments of hurt and my moments of learning so that I can share how He orchestrated the whole thing for my good and His glory.

So here is a snippet of my adult life right now:

Here is proof that I actually was cooking.

I made lasagna and fruit salad, with only a few major errors and one minor injury. I swore that the lasagna was going to be horrible, but I am not gunna lie: this was the first thing EVER that I have cooked my mom, and it was good.

And here is proof that I did pack my masterpieces for my school lunch today.

 Well. Here’s to more errors but even more memories.

See you soon,

Stephanie Lynn


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