Healthy Living For His Glory

Hey y’all! This is a quick blog post to share with you a few things that I have found so great and helpful in my daily walk with The Lord, and especially things that have helped me focus on Him rather than myself.

If any of you follow me on Instagram or are my Facebook friend, you know that I have started eating “healthier.” Now this idea of healthy eating, for me, stems from my lack of discipline when it comes to eating and taking care of myself. As of a few days ago, I joined Caroline’s, from Fit For His Glory, 5 day #eatforHISglory challenge. The challenge is over now, but what was so cool about it was how easy and fun it was! First off- it was free. Second off- it was free recipes that were easy to make, Third off- it also was a daily encouragement in my walk with The Lord.

This challenge came at the perfect time for me. Recently I have felt convicted about the junk food I eat and the amount I eat at one time. But I stink at baking and cooking, so I was pretty discouraged when I thought about trying to make my own food- and that is where this challenge stepped in to help! It offered an easy and affordable recipe every day, and even though I messed up several times, it was still fun to do it with her encouraging me on the way! I have loved following Caroline on Instagram, and I am encouraged daily by her push to work out and eat smart because we are God’s masterpieces, His temple and His image.


Here is the one thing that I have made so far! (I have not been home lately) This was delicious and easy! This fella <<  is cake batter protein oatmeal, topped with sprinkles🍬You literally add 6 things to a bowl and stir, but if you’re me you over think it and have to try it twice. But MAN did the second time turn out glorious.

On top of my healthy eating, I have been trying to be active on a day to day basis. Have I failed epically? You betcha, but the beautiful thing is, there is always a new day, full of mercy and grace I might add, that gives me another chance to push myself in making better, smarter, healthier choices for myself and the One I am living for.

Below is my workout schedule that I made at the beginning of the summer. I do not follow it perfectly, but when I get off track, I just take a glance at the day I am on and start fresh. I also like having a certain day for certain workouts so that when I get off, I just pick up that day’s workouts without stressing about what workouts to do.


 I have loved doing yoga because it helps me with my IT-Band as well as my anxiety, so as a reward for working hard, I will be buying myself a yoga mat before I head off to school! I encourage y’all to set a reward that matches what you are doing so that you will keep up the hard work! (Warning: sometimes milkshakes a good reward too, but trade it with a healthy, energizing smoothie/shake that will help you keep it going!)

I hope that you can find some encouragement in your walk through this post! None of us are near perfect, but it is always so encouraging to know that others are walking along side you, there to help you every step of the way. I still eat french fries, and I can never turn down ice cream, but my mind set is different. I eat knowing what is going into my body, knowing when to stop, and trying so desperately to glorify my Father with how I treat my body.


I have also purchased an old recipe box from an antique store and have started (slowly but surely) filling it up with healthy and good recipes for every occasion!

Whatever you do, do it for His glory and His name.

See you soon,

Stephanie Lynn


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