This One’s To You Daddy

As I have grown in my faith, growing closer to my Heavenly Father, I have come to appreciate even more how much my dad does for me. When I compare God to my dad, I start to tear up. Thinking about the fatherly love God had for His Son as He hung on the cross brings tears to my eyes as I think about how much my dad loves me.

I have been a daddy’s girl since the moment I was born (I think…). My dad and I have always had such a great bond: a bond that consists of him pushing me to be the best I can be, encouraging me to be a leader not a follower, and never-ending laughter.

Laughter. If you asked me to describe my dad in one word I would say laughter because he has always been able to make me laugh, and lucky him, he can make me laugh because he passed down his sarcasm and humor to his lovely daughter. This laughter even came as I, the bratty teenage daughter, tried to keep a straight face as I argued with my old man. No matter what the situation, good or bad, happy or sad, funerals or weddings, he always makes me laugh (the funeral one was on accident…).

Daddy, thank you for always making me laugh. Thank you for always telling me to ‘rub some dirt in it” when I took life too seriously. Thank you for always making sure that I am safe, whether that be across the country or 5 miles down the road. Your faith shines through your constant serving heart and selfless love, always pointing me to my Heavenly Father. Your light-hearted, and well now sometimes grumpy old-man personality, will always make me smile. And even though the day will come when you will walk me down the isle, handing me off and trusting my care to be in someone else’s hands, I still love the thought that both of us will be crying like little babies because no matter what you say, you have a soft heart- and I know this because you passed it down to me (I am crying in Starbucks as I write this, so there’s proof).

Daddy, thank you for being the best father I could have ever asked for.

Happy Father’s Day Pops.

 IMG_9155   IMG_9152
IMG_9154  IMG_9144

For anyone who has never had a fatherly figure in their life or have had a horrible experience with their dads, I want to say first that I am sorry. I am beyond blessed to have a dad who is committed to my mom and his family, but I want you to know that I never lose sight of that blessing. But like I mentioned, your Heavenly Father loved us so much that He sent His own Son to die for you and me. You have always had a perfect Father, who is good and gracious and overflowing with love for His sons and daughters. Rest in His love, and even though I cannot imagine the hurt you may be feeling, I do know that The Lord’s perfect love for you can fill that void.


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